ESSA – The Curious Case of US Unemployment


In my first article as a writer for ESSA, I wrote about how the unemployment rate was going to have a significant impact on President Obama’s re-election chances. In the 2 months since that article was written there have been some significant developments in the US economy and in the political sphere as we approach the Presidential Election.

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Farrago Magazine – Tweeting to the White House


We often hear of how social media is changing the world, but will it decide who occupies the White House come November 6 this year? With the expectation this election will be close, could the candidates’ use of social media and web tools be the difference?

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ESSA – Putting the Australian Budget in a Global Context


There will be a lot of people tuning into Wayne Swan’s budget speech on Tuesday night, and not just from within Australia. Provided that the Treasurer delivers a much-hyped budget surplus (despite a softening in tax revenues due to the global slowdown), he will be able to claim that Australia is one of the first developed economies around the world to emerge from the threat of the Global Financial Crisis.

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