ESSA – Student Recap – ESSA Q&A


The word is in from the students – ESSA’s inaugural Q&A was a resounding success. Featuring some of the University’s most famed economists (Max Corden and Neville Norman) and some of the nation’s leading economic commentators (George Megalogenis, Stephen Koukoulas, Stephen Long and James Paterson), it was an event, from my perspective, full of high-spirited discussion and insightful analysis about where Australia is as a country and as a world-leading economy.

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ESSA – America Votes – Three Months Out


I wonder if Bill Clinton’s master campaign strategist, James Carville, ever thought that his maxim “it’s the economy stupid” would be trotted out on news broadcast after another, 20 years after coining it. It may be a simplistic phrase to describe the trials and tribulations of election-year politics, but in this exceedingly close Presidential Election, it’s shaping up to be an apt summation.

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