ESSA – America Votes – The Land of Great Contrasts


If I’ve learned anything during my two-week visit to the United States it’s that this a country of unparalleled contrasts. There’s the powerful marriage of individuality and a sense of community, unlike anywhere else on earth. There’s an often cringe-worthy sense of introspection and a general lack of insight with the world at times. But conversely there’s a really intuitive sense of direction and that entrepreneurial spirit that built so many great American businesses over the last two centuries.

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ESSA – America Votes – 45 Days Out


I have been in the United States for the last week, travelling across the country from Los Angeles to where I am now, in the nation’s capital (with stays in San Francisco and Chicago along the way), and the most lasting impression I have is that this Presidential Election campaign hasn’t taken off.

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Farrago Magazine – Obamarama: Four Years Later


2008 will always be one of the most exciting years of my life. Barack Obama captured the imagination of millions of American voters and millions more around the world. He tantalised us with the prospect of an African-American ascending to the Presidency and wowed us on the campaign trail en route to claiming an emphatic victory over John McCain to become the President of the United States.

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