ESSA – Rogoff & Reinhart – Excel, Austerity and #StatsFAIL


When I first learnt via the Twittersphere that something known as Rogoff & Reinhart had been called into question over its methodological inconsistencies, it seemed to be just another instance of quibbling economists – unique only in that instead of occupying the corridors and libraries of universities, it was permeating my Twitter stream.

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ESSA – The joy of debating economics … Seriously!


In an affirmation of the natural order of things, on Thursday night out at Monash University, the University of Melbourne team (composed of myself, 1st-year student Emad, and the incomparable Prof. Jeff Borland) took out a closely fought debate to determine whether the Eurozone has been a success or a failure. Across both teams there was much spirited debate over economic theory, the optimal design for policymaking interlaced with a great deal of jibing back and forth between two of the country’s most elite universities.

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