The Melbourne Globalist – Bipartisanship at Last? An Emerging Immigration Reform Deal in America


Heavily pursued during the later years of the Bush Administration to no avail, there has been a renewed push for comprehensive reform to America’s broken immigration system in US Congress. A long-standing goal of policymakers, the renewed drive to reform the system has stemmed from the overwhelming support for President Obama amongst Latino and Hispanic voters (Obama won the key demographic by 71%-27% over Mitt Romney in last November’s election, a record margin) and the incumbent’s desire to secure a big legislative victory to secure his legacy as a historic President. Throughout the months-long debate, there have been many sub-plots in both political and policy realms that have made the debate a fascinating microcosm of the current American landscape.

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The Melbourne Globalist – Lessons from Abroad


The last three years haven’t been great for Australia’s political reputation around the world. Despite an economy that’s the envy of most, and our ascension to a seat on the Security Council in the United Nations, we’ve developed a worrying habit of knifing our elected leaders. As Nick Bryant, BBC’s former Australia correspondent, so neatly encapsulated after March’s failed Labor Leadership Spill, we’ve become the “coup capital” of the world. It’s seemingly with this issue in mind, amongst others, that recently re-installed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has proposed reforms to open up election of the Labor leadership to members of party.

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