Attendance of the 2013 Presidential Inauguration

In my travels I was privileged to attend the 2013 Collegiate Presidential Inaugural Conference wherein I offered the remarks of thanks to Rev. Jesse Jackson’s keynote address.

My experiences were featured on Melbourne radio in two segments with ABC 774 and 3AW 693.


ESSA – After 4 Years of Economics, Now What?


So after four years at the university of Melbourne, studying economics and a bit of politics along the way, itโ€™s suddenly all come to an end. Which feels odd because for the greater part of this year, my Honours year, the focus hasnโ€™t been on finishing the degree, or my time at university for that matter, but instead itโ€™s been on the arduous/dreaded/painful thesis and making sure it got completed by last weekโ€™s Monday deadline. You may have noticed a collective sigh go up across the Economics department on Monday afternoon as everyone submitted their papers.

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