The Melbourne Globalist – Can Clinton Connect? Scoping Up the 2016 Democratic Primary

Clinton, Biden

Since leaving her post as Secretary of State in early 2013, Hillary Clinton’s path to her current status as the runaway favourite for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination for the 2016 election has been remarkably smooth. She joined in the work of her husband’s foundation, got in on the paid speechmaking circuit and published a well-received book, encapsulating her experiences as the United States’ chief diplomat. With speculation about a looming candidacy, Clinton has repeatedly demurred such discussions, stating that she will decide at a later date. As elaborated by many political commentators, the infrastructure awaiting a Clinton candidacy can only be described as formidable for any potential competitor.

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Saturday Magazine on JOY 94.9FM – The mysterious case of small town economics


On Saturday 12 July, I returned to Melbourne to guest co-host Saturday Magazine, JOY FM’s leading current affairs program discussing politics and issues in society on a local, national and international level, serving the LGBITQ audience.

In co-hosting with David “Macca” McCarthy, and producer Ben Rylan, the discussions ranged from my experiences in rural Victoria and the changing economic landscape, the myriad human rights issues at play in Australian politics, the upcoming Melbourne International Film Festival and the impact of Brazil’s stunning exit at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

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Teach For Australia – Stories – Building Global Citizenship in Rural Victoria: Can it be done?


In moving to rural Victoria to teach this year, I was excited to embrace a new community, completely different to my own. Having grown up in suburban Melbourne, I was exposed to a traditional city-based lifestyle, which continued as I studied at university in inner-Melbourne. I had some sense of what lay ahead for me in the country, but, knew that there was much still to be discovered.

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ESSA – Life in the Country – How do regional economies cope in the 21st century?


Having moved to Portland, Victoria, in January, as part of the Teach For Australia program, my economic experience has changed drastically. From studying economics at the University of Melbourne, I am now teaching it to VCE students at a rural secondary school. However, the biggest change has been in developing a greater understanding of the acute challenges that exist for regional economies, more prone to hardship as Australia’s two-speed economy has existed for the last decade or so.

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