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Too often, today’s youth is derided for being disengaged with the Australian political experience. For many, there is a clear lack of awareness, knowledge and regard for our democratic institutions and leaders, and this can only serve to hamper their ability to engage with others about the key issues of the day.

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Venice Volume 2: A palace, some panini, pizza and pistachio.

Always fantastic when a friend takes up a travel recommendation and they love it! Great to see you’re having a blast in some of the best cities in the world, Slice of Sarah!

slice of sarah

Venice 34

Day Two started with a trip to Torrefazione Cannaregio, known by the locals as one of the best Espresso joints in Venice. Further travel research from the Protein-fiend..super impressed!

With the right equipment – a La Marzocco Machine and Mazzer grinder, and their own roast of beans, I knew we were in for a tasty coffee.

Venice 35

It’s the thing over here to drink your coffee standing up, or in the case of this bar, sitting on a small crates. The local butcher and pharmacist came in and out speaking fluent Italian and grabbing their regular cafes  – it seems they are all friends here.

Venice 33

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