Venice Volume 2: A palace, some panini, pizza and pistachio.

Always fantastic when a friend takes up a travel recommendation and they love it! Great to see you’re having a blast in some of the best cities in the world, Slice of Sarah!

slice of sarah

Venice 34

Day Two started with a trip to Torrefazione Cannaregio, known by the locals as one of the best Espresso joints in Venice. Further travel research from the Protein-fiend..super impressed!

With the right equipment – a La Marzocco Machine and Mazzer grinder, and their own roast of beans, I knew we were in for a tasty coffee.

Venice 35

It’s the thing over here to drink your coffee standing up, or in the case of this bar, sitting on a small crates. The local butcher and pharmacist came in and out speaking fluent Italian and grabbing their regular cafes  – it seems they are all friends here.

Venice 33

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