Farewell and Thank You to The Melbourne Globalist

After two years of publication, The Melbourne Globalist is ceasing publication. It was a great honour to write for them on a regular basis and feature in their inaugural print publication, Instability: The New Normal.

My pieces for TMG focused primarily on American politics, although I did delve into the intricacies of Australian politics and economic policy from time to time. You can read them at your leisure below.

So Many Plans, So little Time: The Challenges of a Second Term for Barack Obama

Lessons from Abroad

Bipartisanship at Last? An Emerging Immigration Reform Deal in America

In Praise of Compulsory Voting: An Australian Perspective

Economics, Nations, Cities and Academics: Interview with Dr. H. W. Brock

On the Precipice: Congress’ Dance with Default

One Year On and Three Years Out – American Politics in 2013

Can Clinton Connect? Scoping up the 2016 Democratic Primary

The 2014 Midterm Drubbing – Where does America go from here?

The Lion City about to Roar? Singapore’s Challenges as a Global City


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