Teach For Australia – Stories – Lunchtimes in the Yard

Cricket TripThere’s so much more to being a teacher than just running a classroom. There’s planning sessions, staff meetings and phone calls with parents amongst a litany of other activities. There’s none more enjoyable, however, than spending a lunchtime playing a bit of cricket or kicking the footy with students, whilst on yard duty.

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Teach For Australia – Stories – Stepping Up to the Year 12 Challenge

Yoda ProcrastinateIt’s 9pm on a Thursday in March. The Cricket World Cup is occupying my television screen and the images of Australian sixes and English wickets is providing an enjoyable backdrop as I sit down to mark my first set of Year 12 Economics assessments; known amongst my students as Outcomes and to me as SACs. It’s somewhat daunting to read through the work of a Year 12 student you’ve been teaching, for their performance is a direct reflection on your efforts as their teacher. Yet at the same time, their performance on any given day, under the pressures of a high-stakes test, can be completely out of your control.

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