Currently in my second year as a Teach for Australia Associate, teaching at Portland Secondary College, I’ve been fortunate to have learned and developed my professional career from a variety of experiences.

After completing my secondary education at Trinity Grammar School, Kew, I graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics at The University of Melbourne (2010-2013) and am concurrently studying the Masters of Teaching at Melbourne in conjunction with Teach For Australia having commenced in 2013 with the intention of graduating in 2016 after a semester on exchange.

Stemming from my family’s Eurasian background (my father is Australian and my mother is Singaporean-Indian), I have an international perspective on matters and am particularly passionate about the way education, economics and politics inform decision-making around the world. This is demonstrated by my internship at the Grattan Institute in Summer 2012/13 and my continuing writing positions at the Economics Student Society of Australia and The Melbourne Globalist. In concert to these, I have volunteered extensively for social enterprise, and innovative democratic platform, OurSay.

I seek a future in public life, using my experiences and skills to help others realise their potential on a macro-level. This is primarily driven by my experiences as a Teach For Australia Associate wherein I’ve learned about the key levers that need to be utilised to close the education gap for Australia’s kids.

Enjoy reading this blog and its collection of writings throughout my time at The University of Melbourne, Teach For Australia and beyond.


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