Understanding Trump

As part of an initiative of Trinity Grammar School, Kew’s Library in Term 2, 2016, I delivered a ‘T Talk’ entitled, UNDERSTANDING TRUMP. Modelled on the well-established format of the TED Talks, I delivered a presentation to staff and students on the unique candidacy of Donald Trump’s.

In sharing my passion for American Politics, I sought to explain how the political system, Barack Obama’s presidency and the psyche of the average American voter have combined to transform a reality TV show host into a would-be President of the United States.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Curtis Watson, Director of the Tudor Centre for Contemporary Learning at Trinity Grammar School, Kew, for the opportunity to share my passion for American politics and its influence upon our lives among hundreds of fellow staff and students.


ESSA – Permanent Crises, Bitter Politics and Weak Policy – The New Reality of US Budgets


When President Barack Obama came into office in 2009, it was under a wave of optimism and hope for a more conciliatory, robust and bipartisan policymaking process between Democrats and Republicans. The country was in crisis at the time of Obama’s election, and there was the expectation that out of such a situation would come genuine compromise on both sides of the political aisle for the long-term national interest. What we observe in mid-2013 however is a policymaking process frozen from gridlock across many dimensions, none more reflective of this new confrontational reality than the development of fiscal policy.

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ESSA – America Votes – 15 Days To Go


How things change. In my last article on the Presidential Election, from the United States, I suggested that the election hadn’t really engaged the voting public, with the coverage at the time focusing on the missteps within Mitt Romney’s campaign and the support the President was receiving in public polling.

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ESSA – America Votes – The Land of Great Contrasts


If I’ve learned anything during my two-week visit to the United States it’s that this a country of unparalleled contrasts. There’s the powerful marriage of individuality and a sense of community, unlike anywhere else on earth. There’s an often cringe-worthy sense of introspection and a general lack of insight with the world at times. But conversely there’s a really intuitive sense of direction and that entrepreneurial spirit that built so many great American businesses over the last two centuries.

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ESSA – America Votes – 45 Days Out


I have been in the United States for the last week, travelling across the country from Los Angeles to where I am now, in the nation’s capital (with stays in San Francisco and Chicago along the way), and the most lasting impression I have is that this Presidential Election campaign hasn’t taken off.

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ESSA – America Votes – Three Months Out


I wonder if Bill Clinton’s master campaign strategist, James Carville, ever thought that his maxim “it’s the economy stupid” would be trotted out on news broadcast after another, 20 years after coining it. It may be a simplistic phrase to describe the trials and tribulations of election-year politics, but in this exceedingly close Presidential Election, it’s shaping up to be an apt summation.

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ESSA – The Curious Case of US Unemployment


In my first article as a writer for ESSA, I wrote about how the unemployment rate was going to have a significant impact on President Obama’s re-election chances. In the 2 months since that article was written there have been some significant developments in the US economy and in the political sphere as we approach the Presidential Election.

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