Understanding Trump

As part of an initiative of Trinity Grammar School, Kew’s Library in Term 2, 2016, I delivered a ‘T Talk’ entitled, UNDERSTANDING TRUMP. Modelled on the well-established format of the TED Talks, I delivered a presentation to staff and students on the unique candidacy of Donald Trump’s.

In sharing my passion for American Politics, I sought to explain how the political system, Barack Obama’s presidency and the psyche of the average American voter have combined to transform a reality TV show host into a would-be President of the United States.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Curtis Watson, Director of the Tudor Centre for Contemporary Learning at Trinity Grammar School, Kew, for the opportunity to share my passion for American politics and its influence upon our lives among hundreds of fellow staff and students.


TIME – Comment on Rick Perry


If Americans want to elect someone who truly represents everything that is synonymous with their country, then Perry is their man. He’s a brash, outspoken Texan who has many an internal contradiction — much like the U.S. itself. He seems a perfect fit for a country that decries the intrusion of Big Government programs but rarely is prepared to actually sacrifice the benefits they receive from said programs.