Understanding Trump

As part of an initiative of Trinity Grammar School, Kew’s Library in Term 2, 2016, I delivered a ‘T Talk’ entitled, UNDERSTANDING TRUMP. Modelled on the well-established format of the TED Talks, I delivered a presentation to staff and students on the unique candidacy of Donald Trump’s.

In sharing my passion for American Politics, I sought to explain how the political system, Barack Obama’s presidency and the psyche of the average American voter have combined to transform a reality TV show host into a would-be President of the United States.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Curtis Watson, Director of the Tudor Centre for Contemporary Learning at Trinity Grammar School, Kew, for the opportunity to share my passion for American politics and its influence upon our lives among hundreds of fellow staff and students.


Portland Observer and Guardian – A lifetime of lessons for teaching graduates

As my time as a Teach For Australia Associate concluded at the end of 2015, the Portland Observer and Guardian invited my fellow Associate, Tom Cain, and I to reflect on our two years as teachers at Portland Secondary College.


Portland Observer and Guardian – Portland’s young students play the political game

It was a great experience to again run the Year 7 Mock Election at Portland Secondary College. After the success of the initiative in 2014, the school collaborated to run the program again with a more rigorous approach to teaching the students about civics and citizenship.

Sincere thanks to Dan Tehan MP for Wannon and Federal Speaker Tony Smith MP for Casey for attending the Election Day events and congratulations to the 7B Greens for winning the contest!


Venice Volume 2: A palace, some panini, pizza and pistachio.

Always fantastic when a friend takes up a travel recommendation and they love it! Great to see you’re having a blast in some of the best cities in the world, Slice of Sarah!

slice of sarah

Venice 34

Day Two started with a trip to Torrefazione Cannaregio, known by the locals as one of the best Espresso joints in Venice. Further travel research from the Protein-fiend..super impressed!

With the right equipment – a La Marzocco Machine and Mazzer grinder, and their own roast of beans, I knew we were in for a tasty coffee.

Venice 35

It’s the thing over here to drink your coffee standing up, or in the case of this bar, sitting on a small crates. The local butcher and pharmacist came in and out speaking fluent Italian and grabbing their regular cafes  – it seems they are all friends here.

Venice 33

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Sunday steak night and another Cauliflower Salad

A fantastic blog by my close friend, Sarah, recapping a wonderful BBQ hosted by her and her sister, Mardi, last Sunday.

slice of sarah

Sundays nights in our household have become a routine of returning from sweating off the weekend at the gym, having a quick shower then sinking in to some well cooked steak and a few shared salads.

Having acquired two additional carnivores in the house (my protein-fiend plus the twin’s PT boyfriend), the purveying of red meats has become somewhat of an art form in our family.

The recent addition of a new barbecue, plus the warmer weather means that Sunday Steak nights are well and truly, here to stay.

This past Sunday night, we had some country friends return from out of town – so what better opportunity to christen the new grill than with some catch-up drinks, conversation and weekend wine-down.


We used to do these kind of catch-ups when we were back in Year 11-12. We would have frequent ‘pizza nights’, rotating houses and using it as a cheeky escape from our school homework.

Now our grown up…

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Farrago Magazine – Postcard from Boston


As images of explosions, fleeing crowds, maimed spectators and heroic bystanders covered our screens in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings of April 15th, I was reminded of a quote.‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’ Tragedy unfolded on our television screens and through our Twitter streams, and it became clear that while our experience of disaster is fundamentally different from the past, our response to it is still fundamentally the same.

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Farrago Magazine – Obamarama: Four Years Later


2008 will always be one of the most exciting years of my life. Barack Obama captured the imagination of millions of American voters and millions more around the world. He tantalised us with the prospect of an African-American ascending to the Presidency and wowed us on the campaign trail en route to claiming an emphatic victory over John McCain to become the President of the United States.

You can read more at Farrago Magazine >>