Portland Observer and Guardian – A lifetime of lessons for teaching graduates

As my time as a Teach For Australia Associate concluded at the end of 2015, the Portland Observer and Guardian invited my fellow Associate, Tom Cain, and I to reflect on our two years as teachers at Portland Secondary College.



Portland Observer and Guardian – Portland’s young students play the political game

It was a great experience to again run the Year 7 Mock Election at Portland Secondary College. After the success of the initiative in 2014, the school collaborated to run the program again with a more rigorous approach to teaching the students about civics and citizenship.

Sincere thanks to Dan Tehan MP for Wannon and Federal Speaker Tony Smith MP for Casey for attending the Election Day events and congratulations to the 7B Greens for winning the contest!


Portland Observer and Guardian – Secondary school students ask tough questions of Tehan

Following on the from the success of welcoming former Premier Denis Napthine MP to Portland Secondary College in 2014, Dan Tehan MP for Wannon was invited to participate in a forum with the Senior Student Leadership Team and members of the Student Representative Council at PSC in August of 2015.

The Portland Observer and Guardian noted the substance of the students questions and praised their interest in connecting with their political leaders.


The University of Melbourne VOICE Magazine and The Age – Passing on a passion for teaching

IMG_3966 One of the great joys that comes from teaching is the chance to share your passions with your students. While I’ve only taught for 18 months as an Associate of Teach For Australia, I’ve already had many such moments, where my passions have been absorbed and championed by my students. You can continue reading at The University of Melbourne VOICE Magazine >> OR You can continue reading at The Age >> 2015-06-08 - VOICE Magazine - Passing on a passion for teaching-page-001

Portland Observer and Guardian – Students tap into 40 years of experience

It was a great privilege, last week, to welcome a former lecturer of mine from my days as a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) student, Neville Norman, to my Year 12 Economics class at Portland Secondary College.

Thanks to the Portland Observer and Guardian for recapping Neville’s visit. In the article are some excellent reflections by students Jake Edwards and Annique Ray on how Neville’s workshop helped develop their understanding of the 2015 Federal Budget and the role it will play in the VCE Exam.

2015-05-27 - Portland Observer - Students tap in 40 years of experience

Teach For Australia – Stories – A Journey to Rural Victoria

Portland_victoriaIn moving to southwest Victoria to complete the Teach For Australia program at Portland Secondary College, I’ve been blessed to immerse myself in country life and challenge myself to grow in an unfamiliar context, after a twenty-two year urban upbringing.

I was given the opportunity to share these sentiments on ABC Statewide Drive on Monday 18 May in conversation with Nicole Chvastek. My reflections on relocating to Portland were part of a conversation about the increasingly mobile populations in regional and rural Australia.

You can read more at Teach For Australia >>

Teach For Australia – Stories – Lunchtimes in the Yard

Cricket TripThere’s so much more to being a teacher than just running a classroom. There’s planning sessions, staff meetings and phone calls with parents amongst a litany of other activities. There’s none more enjoyable, however, than spending a lunchtime playing a bit of cricket or kicking the footy with students, whilst on yard duty.

You can read more at Teach For Australia >>